The rebels were an armed force of over 200,000 escaped slaves who revolted against the romans during the First Servile War on the island of Sicily between 135 BC to 132 BC. during the rebellion, the rebels took over the cities of Tauromenium and Enna.

beginning of the rebellionEdit

The uprising was mostly caused by great changes in the ownership of land in Sicily following the final expulsion of the Carthaginians during the Second Punic War. Speculators from Italy rushed into the island and bought up large tracts of land at a low price, or became the occupiers of estates which had belonged to Sicilians of the Carthaginian party and had been forfeited to Rome after the execution or flight of their owners.The Sicilians of the Roman party also became rich out of the distress of their countrymen. An over-abundance of slaves caused them to be ill-fed by their masters, and they soon began to provide for themselves by robbery. The poorer Sicilians were the sufferers. Several decades of increasing tension finally broke out into war.

Siege of EnnaEdit

Eunus began the rebellion by taking over the city of Enna. The city became Eunus' centre of operations.

Siege of TauromeniumEdit